Lada Vesta SW Cross : breaking the stereotypes

LADA extends the lineup, adding the Vesta SW Cross. An addition to the most popular cars on the Russian market. The first car in its segment combines the expressive design, crossover features, and multi-functionality.

Lada Vesta SW Cross News

The LADA Vesta SW Cross has the main design features of its body from the Cross concept. The car bears the philosophy of the X-shaped design. LADA continues the strategy in developing new products. It works on the basis of the most recent demands of potential customers. The model demonstrates LADA’s careful approach towards modern car building trends. The cars become not only a transport means but a true living space.

According to Steve Mattin, LADA Design Director, the LADA Vesta SW Cross will become a unique offer on the market. It intends to set the tone in its segment. Breaking the stereotypes and attracting new customers is the objective.

The future owner is a person that
  • does not want to sacrifice the bright design to the practicality,
  • strives to find the perfect car for all occasions,
  • reflects his or her urge to emphasize his individuality and,
  • is active lifestyle.

LADA Vesta SW Cross is an example of the new Brand’s dynamic development. These trendsetting cars attract new customers and increases the image of LADA. It lay the foundation for future development. The new functionality and sportive look  creates worthy addition to the lineup.

LADA Vesta SW Cross: design features

The LADA Vesta SW is dynamic and balanced at the same time. It has additional functionality thanks to the big internal volume and the fifth door. In its turn, the LADA Vesta SW Cross brings more practicality through increased road clearance.

The model has powerful and imposing look. The LADA Vesta SW Cross has these graphics more powerful and expressive character. Dark edges of the front headlight smoothly transfer into the radiator grill and the air duct located under it thereby forming the X. The LADA Vesta SW Cross has this line running down to the lower part of the bumper. This visually makes the X-graphics in the car’s front bigger. The front bumper’ appearance together with the front wheel arch pads visually makes the car bigger.

Sloping roofline melts into rears spoiler that improves the aerodynamics and grip. The specific inclination of the glass in the car’s rear and the original C-pillars produce the optical illusion of the floating roof. The railing located on the roof makes the silhouette more sportive. LADA Vesta SW Cross has these railings painted in silver color.


The shape of the car’s C-pillar resembles the “shark fin” and makes the car’s look more fresh and unique. The edge of the C-pillars is aligned versus the inclination angle of the rear lights. The glossy black insert separates the pillar from the roof and rear spoiler. It contributes to the “floating roof” idea. Such a solution serves for separation of airflows at the sides of the car. It improves aerodynamics. This solution brings an element of emotion into the car’s rear. It is visually wider and the seating more stable.

The imposing look of the LADA Vesta SW Cross is underlined by the broad wheel track and bigger tires. These disks have 5 spokes which are made in the shape of a blade with diamond-cutting.

Bigger wheels and original settings of suspensions allowed to increase the road clearance.