Lada Vesta comfort and functionality

LADA discloses the interior of the new LADA Vesta SW Cross and LADA Vesta SW cars. These cars embody a new philosophy of comfort and functionality. It completes the model line-up of one of the most sought-after cars on the Russian market: the LADA Vesta. Lada has created a bright

Jubilee year for LADA 4×4

2017 is a jubilee year for LADA 4х4. LADA introduces the first car of this model in 1977. This model holds a series of world records. It passed the most distant and impossible places and corners of the Earth. LADA 4х4 has been to the North Pole three times. It’s

Comparing New and Secondhand Cars

If you compare new and secondhand cars, indisputably secondhand wins. Sorry to disappoint you if you think otherwise. Especially today where you can find a 3 years old used that is almost as new and similar to the new ones. it is a sensational fact to drive off in a

Lada Vesta SW Cross : breaking the stereotypes

LADA extends the lineup, adding the Vesta SW Cross. An addition to the most popular cars on the Russian market. The first car in its segment combines the expressive design, crossover features, and multi-functionality. The LADA Vesta SW Cross has the main design features of its body from the Cross

Lada produces its 100,000th Vesta

LADA Vesta 100,000th demonstrates the model success. LADA Vesta is the Russian best-seller for sure. It enters the TOP 3 of the new best-selling passenger cars. For the five months of 2017, sales is around 28,000 cars. Customers appreciate the bright style. It comes with a large cabin capacity for